Shadow Wind

Sailing courses in Liverpool


Set Course for Life

"Shadow Wind delivers sailing adventures, sailing courses, and sailing lessons as a way of life; it is an attitude that encourages working with nature, exploration of the soul, and true independence. It does this by using a simple and practical philosophy of building self-confidence, self-discipline, and mindfulness, regardless of age, creed, or financial status."

Charity / CIC and Support Groups

  • Some time away from everything and an ear to listen to your thoughts.

  • Support if you are suffering from anxiety or lack of mental well-being.

  • A way to change one aspect of your life or even find a fresh start.

  • Answers to the questions and challenges that life throws at you.

  • Sailing adventures and experiences with a self-development theme.

  • Sailing tuition to anybody looking to learn to sail or go to sea.

  • Charities, CIC's, Marginalised groups, etc that want a life changing experience.

Private and Group Sailing

  • Sailing experiences and mile building to the individual or group.

  • Sail courses in Liverpool and the surrounding areas from complete novice to advanced Yacht Master.

  • Sailing theory evenings in the classroom from beginner to advanced.

  • Voyages from an afternoon on the Mersey River to several weeks around the UK.

  • Own-boat tuition at all levels with or without crew.

  • Single handed, mooring, delivery, and other specialised tuition.

  • Industry support if you are looking to go professional.

Sailing in Conwy

"We always remember that when we are at sea, we have a destination, but it's what we experience and share on that journey out there that counts. It’s the spirit of the individual but also your part in something bigger."


"When you go to sea with Shadow Wind, you return with much more than just a sailing experience."

Sailin instruction Liverpool Marina

Private and Group Sailing Lessons

At Shadow Wind the focus is on confidence. Learning the ropes etc is only part of what gets you sailing; the other part is feeling secure and confident in your decisions and actions as a yacht skipper. During our sailing training and sailing experiences we look to not only impart information, but to share experience and tricks to help you to be able to sail and moor like a professional, wherever you are and whatever the situation.

So, whether you are a Yachtmaster looking to get some advanced sail training in, a complete beginner looking to experience some basic sailing, or at any step in between... we do it.

Currently we offer the following sailing courses:

  • Half day sessions to work on specific skills in the marina or on the Mersey.

  • Day sessions to spend more time focused on what you are looking to cover.

  • Weekend 3/4-day sailing trips to the surrounding area (Conwy, Fleetwood, etc).

  • Weeks, 2 weeks, and longer trips to experience a true voyage.

  • Custom trips to suit an individual or group looking for a particular training plan or location to sail.

We offer this training to the following:

  • Private individuals or groups looking to concentrate on trying sailing or increasing their sailing skills.

  • People looking for mile building and/or working towards their RYA qualifications or looking to be a professional sailor.

  • Businesses looking to run leadership / communication training or group events.

  • Charities and supporting organisations that would like to involve their clients in a positive day or weekend workshop (see below).

Other than the planned events on our events page, we remain flexible to meet the needs of those that come to us for sailing. therefore if you do not see what you are looking for within this site, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask!


Charity / CIC and Support Groups


​Shadow Wind CIC was set up to provide a place for the general public and marginalised groups and individuals to come together in an environment quite different from what they are normally used to. Sailing lessons, sailing courses, and sailing adventures, provides a good a catalyst for positive change.

Coming from a background of sailing and the sea, where the sea is used as a medium to support and grow people in a number of positive ways, the directors were surprised to find nothing like this existed in Liverpool.

Liverpool has a great maritime heritage and yet its presence is very much underused, with most of the city's population unaware of how important the Mersey is and the life it provides. What the Mersey does offer is a chance to experience the river and the sea and experience a very different view on life - one that allows people to look at their home and their environment in a different way and take something new from it.

After working with another CIC and bringing homeless people to the boat to share their experience the results were so positive that we opened up the boat to others to come along. Some came for a chat, others came and instantly wanted to learn to sail. The more people that came the more we received great feedback from the people themselves who were eager for us to carry on.

The medium of the sea, offers the unique experience of growing as an individual, whilst at the same time learning to be part of a tight sailing community. Along with Ocean Literacy to enhance peace within and build respect for our natural planet, Shadow Wind offers a complete experience in connecting with the sea.


By giving people a different perspective of what they already have, and showing them how to use that different perspective, it gives them a new hope of going forward. As they find new interests and new skills, make new friends, and develop themselves along the way, they bring something back into their community to share with others. We use the medium of the river, the sea, and the craft that travel on them to change the lives of the people in the area.


  1. Maintenance of Sailing Vessels Includes hands on training, skills and experience, Individuals learn techniques on how to repair and maintain a sailing or motor craft. This promotes a feeling of pride in oneself and the group through learning and achievement.


  1. Sailing Experience and Skills Gives the unique maritime experience of overcoming personal fears whilst working as part of a team in sometimes difficult conditions, learning new skills and working towards achieving a recognised RYA (Royal Yachting Association) qualification.


  1. Maritime Awareness Workshops promote ecological awareness, brings people together, teaches the heritage of Mersey and Liverpool, and showcases maritime opportunities and connections through our sister charity, MAST (Merseyside Adventure Training Trust).

“We strongly support the delivery of resources to those who need it the most, but we believe that for anybody to benefit from these resources in the long term, their faith in themselves and in some form of community needs to be rebuilt. At sea a person becomes powerfully resourceful as an individual, but also part of a crew that relies on each other for their very survival.”