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Updated: Jan 5

After 2 years of building Shadow Wind CIC, the first full year of bringing it all together is about to begin. The challenges are still there, but the business and the boats are proven. It's time now for all of us to take it to the next level. So I'd like to start this year with a run down of what we currently offer, and what sailing we have planned for 2021...

Our Gibsea 34 'Shadow Wind' has been in use teaching everything from day training around Liverpool marina to practice the art of mooring and boat handling, to weekend sailing to Conwy and overnight sailing into the Irish Sea. Next year we will be running week and 2 week sailing adventures to Scotland and beyond.

Established as a sailing school at Liverpool Marina, we now run basic and intermediate level sailing theory classes up and running, with an advanced level to begin this year that will include celestial navigation. This year will also see the first 'Yacht Maintenance Survival' course to teach you how to deal with and keep going beyond the many things that can go wrong. With RYA accreditation well under way we will also be offering the full set of RYA shore-based navigation courses with certification.

The adventure will really go up a gear with 'Sky Catcher', our ex BOC 50 foot around the world racing yacht which we have now started refitting. We will be working closely with Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) to enter some sailing races and build unforgettable memories for the crew that come along with us. You had better have a head for heights going up her 70 foot mast!

The app has got off to a great start and we now have ways of keeping our clients and beneficiaries up to date with all that we are doing and what is coming up next, and we hope to develop this further to provide a full platform for everybody to communicate on and find what you are looking for quickly.

However, our favourite way of communicating will return as soon as possible this year as we start our sail training workshops again, and get together at the boat to swap stories and ideas, have a coffee, and plan what is coming next.

We would also like to thank our supporters: The National Lottery, Liverpool LCVS, CHAMPS, The Shelton Trust, Mersey Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST), Lloyds bank, and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Without them we would not be any where near as far forward as we now are, and we would not have been able to support all the people that we do.

What has not changed is the drive behind Shadow Wind, which is to bring everybody together regardless of their background, their culture, their finances, or anything else to experience the sea. We offer:

Sailing - There is very little which forces the individual to overcome their own challenges, whilst at the same time forcing the commitment to a team

Nature - The sea and the ocean takes us back to a purity of nature that can bring us peace and belonging.

Community - Being part of something where somebody has your back, where you matter to other people, and where they have to matter to you.

Finally, thank you to everybody who has been involved with us so far, and to those that are about to be. Have an amazing New Year and a great 2021. Best wishes from James, Lisa, Dave, Kevin, and everybody at Shadow wind CIC.

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