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A Beacon of Hope... 1/04/2020

Shadow Wind CIC would like to say a huge thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund, and to all of the people who play the National Lottery - together you change lives.

The recent £7,000 grant from you has allowed us to begin the final phase of coding our boat - Shadow Wind. This means it will have attained the strict health and safety requirements we need to reach in order for us to take marginalised and disadvantaged people out to sea.  Sailing changes lives and thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund and all of you who buy a ticket, this year we will be doing just that!

Shadow Wind Community Interest Company delivers sailing and linked experiences to marginalised individuals and groups based in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. It offers practical skills and mental well-being to help build self confidence, self esteem, and resilience. The medium of the sea offers the unique experience of growing as an individual whilst at the same time learning to be part of a tight community.

But even when Shadow Wind is not at sea, we like to think of her as a beacon of hope for everybody to see. A beacon of hope of a brighter future for people who may not yet have been able to see one, especially during these times of great uncertainty when we are reminding people of how staying focused on the future is so important.

​Many of the people we work with have a very limited experience of the core of what has built Liverpool's environment; the sea. The people, commerce, engagement, and culture due to it's location over the centuries is what grew this incredibly city, and it is still very much a part of it.

In our experience when people are brought close to the peace and healing presence of the sea, when they are taught to increase their self reliance, and when they develop a strong sense of community, then they grow in confidence and self respect.

Often people are so focused on their immediate issues that they do not have the means to see beyond them, but when they are given the space and the opportunity to do something different they thrive and respond positively.

With this funding we will now be able to take a great variety of people out on the water to develop the most important life skills. ​Sailing has long been known as one of the most powerful character and team building experiences. Every person on a small boat at sea must learn to face their fears, overcome problems, and carry out tasks to ensure the boat can sail. They must also learn to live and work with others in a very small space day after day which builds a great level of tolerance for others and an understanding of what other people feel. Working to a routine in builds self discipline and the whole package leaves anybody who experiences it with increased confidence, self respect, and a level of inner peace.

​The benefit to the community is the increased good character and self confidence of the people who have been sailing, and how they realise that they can go out and live, work, and be a positive part of their community.

Which brings us in a full circle. A Beacon of Hope that shows how we all contributing to our community, how that community flourishes and grows, and thus becomes even stronger.

Thank You.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill


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Shadow Wind CIC Thanks the National Lottery

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