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Updated: Jan 6

Seaman Mario

Mario came to us with a life long dream of sailing beyond the horizon, zero experience, and a terminal illness that he had decided was not going to stop him having this dream. So he dived in at the deep end and joined us for a trip from Plymouth up to Liverpool, only stopping at Holyhead for fuel along the way.

Three days of preparation and Silent Knight was ready for her sail north, with Mario ready to sail into the great blue yonder. And blue it was as we were blessed with a clear sky and a warming sunset on the evening of our departure into the English Channel.

The trip itself brought a great selection of different weather and temperature, dolphins, long night watches, and much humour as Mario started to get used to life onboard a sailing vessel. And when we finally made landfall in Liverpool he was a very different person... ​ but I will give you his quote to sum it up better:

A picture paints a thousand words

​"I am a Neuroendocrine cancer patient. I was looking for a complimentary treatment to my cancer, and came up with the idea of using sailing as a way of dealing with my unpredictable terminal cancer diagnosis. So I searched all the cancer charities, but unfortunately none had any knowledge of charities which could help cancer patients with sailing for adults. I feel very lucky to have come across James Lovett's website where he took people out on sailing trips. On talking to James he invited me on my first ever sail at sea (March 2019). We sailed from Plymouth to Liverpool, which was everything, and more of just what I had been dreaming, and wishing for. I cannot thank James enough for his time, patience, calmness, stress free professionalism, and complete empathy to my situation, which made this experience for me so very important as it served both my spirit and body as I had hoped it would. 

I recommend James highly to you as, James does not just focus on the sailing but more importantly on his crews well being, and safety.

I have just sailed again with James from Liverpool to Conwy, and back (October 2019). I thank him for introducing me to the ways of the sea and its great potential for healing the spirit while in awe of the beauty that is mother nature. I know that sailing is impossible to measure against ones illness, but let me assure you that sailing with James has been immeasurable to my spirit, as it lets me take back some control and joy in my life which medicine/surgery sadly cannot. This has strengthened me in ways that I cannot express. What great fun, and laughter I had at sea are my fond memories of sailing with James and his crew."

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art." Eleanor Roosevelt

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