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I'm already fascinated to see what the future brings us. Due to the exponential rise in mental health issues, control issues (OCD, Self-Harm, etc), and life/work related stress, I predict an even greater surge in people looking for answers. In response, more people will look to become coaches and therapists too, and that's all good as long as the quality stays high and is provided by people who have faced the abyss and actually come out the other side...

I started in Hypnotherapy before it became popular and I worked hard to become an advanced therapist. In time it became fashionable but when the wave passed it filtered out the serious amongst us and it's popularity as a career choice was a positive. I realised over time that my approach to therapy was commonly grounded in a form of Psychological Coaching (as a lot of my past experience had been in leadership and personal coaching/support). Now as Life Coaching becomes increasingly desirable we shall again be weighed and measured in the aftermath of popularity.

This cycle rolls on, but where does the next step truly lie? What is the next level in finding and maintaining true happiness? Why are so many people still suffering in a western world where we have so much of everything and much more? There is a clue in the question.

Rag and Bone gypsy

I've travelled much and worked with people from very diverse backgrounds, relationships, finances, and cultures. I've found that people with a lot of possessions/finances/popularity are just as capable of being as unhappy as those without. Most people feel they are trying to get to a point of having so much more but are rarely actually trying (I describe it as the difference between 'wanting' and 'liking').  So they are then stuck in a self-imposed limbo not happy with what they have, but not really committed to changing their situation. Too many times the realisations come when it is perceived to be too late.

If we consider then that if the answer is not in seeking more material gain or status, yet nor is it accepting the current status quo, then what is it?

It is to be found in the truest Freedom of all; that of the mind. Yet this greatest of freedoms also carries the greatest of responsibilities...

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao-Tzu

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