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How it all began... 1/8/2019

Working privately as a therapist and psychological coach brought me into contact with several people who worked with different marginalised groups, people with mental health issues, etc and I realised that although there were different areas of support, nobody was using the natural backdrop and well tested environment of the sea in Liverpool to build upon the character of these people and help them and their communities to grow in this way. 

So myself and a few close friends decided to do something about it. We started off working with the famous Glaciere (pictured left) but sadly her days were numbered and she was no longer up to the job. So we decided to go for smaller ships that cost less to maintain and keep the focus on actually getting out to sea. We have now managed to do this with Shadow Wind, our Gibsea 105.

From my own maritime past I was aware of what a life changing impact going to sea can be so I was surprised that a port such as Liverpool currently had nothing like this to offer. Around the same time some under-privileged folk I was in touch with started to come to the boat we had to help out, chat, and I realised how much this meant to them. Trialing the boat maintenance days and boat trips with a couple more individuals was hugely successful in terms of building confidence and motivation in them, and all of the feedback we received showed us that we needed to develop this community by the sea for others. People that once just wandered through their days with little to look forward to have now becoming active members of our group and we are developing further.

"There is no Good or Bad, only circumstance.” -Honor de Balzac​


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