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Above is the bow of a boat, cutting through water that had come to a standstill until something ploughed forward through it. After this impact the water will return but it will never be exactly how it was, and it never can be again. And that is what we love to do at Shadow Wind CIC - create the impact of lasting change.

Just like all of those drops of water together become a bow wave, so it is that when we are able to change the lives of one person, the impact resonates through others, and the resulting impact has brought about a change. If the impact is big enough, then the change can last.

But everything has to start somewhere. When we started Shadow Wind, we felt that there had to be adventure as that is what going to sea is all about, and it is this type of adventure that results in changing how people perceive their world, which then allows them to change it. But although we felt people needed this new environment to be able to grow in, we had underestimated the value in simply being in any new environment. Yes we sail off over the horizon and it is always an adventure, but simply walking onto a boat that floats on water is a big step for many people.

We quickly realised that it was more important to have an open community that was accessible and constant, than it was to simply have one that was an intense adventure limited by time and tide. Thus Shadow Wind became a place for a chat, some coaching, a place to share, to learn, to just be, to get dirty, to get clean, to mix, or to be alone too sometimes. It became... a community.

Now this community welcomes people from all walks of life to just come down and get involved any way you want to. We are starting our Thursday workshops again where anybody can come for a cup of tea and a chat, help out with the boats, listen to James's endless stories of the sea (apologies), learn the ways of the oceans, and be part of something. And we do mean anybody. If you are unsure or shy, just wanted to ask some questions, or come down any Thursday daytime or evening, we would genuinely love to see you at Liverpool Marina.

Every drop of water is precious. Those drops together make waves that bring great impact. Social Impact.