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Updated: Jan 6

Feeling happy
Good Times

That feels good doesn't it? Come on - admit it. Just breathing and being happy. That overriding feeling that pervades your whole body and mind and leaves you ready for anything. People aware of you - your presence - when you are around them. How do you manage to stay so calm and collected regardless of what is happening all around you? What is it that gives you that edge - that stance - that makes people look up without even realising it. Feeling good about life.

A comfortableness within. Being able to relax with every part of your body and mind so that you can fully rejuvenate. Is that how you appear to do so little yet achieve so much? By utilizing every experience you have ever had, to make the best decision in any given moment? Or does it come from your ability to re-frame anything in your mind you need to, thereby changing it into anything you want? How different everything became when you stopped reacting to situations and people out of habit and took control. How much more you accomplished.

Sailing in the sun
Be Happy

Clarity. Letting go of everything that you no longer need. Seeing a relationship for what it is when you sweep aside the emotional baggage. And that includes your relationships with people, with money, with getting up in the morning, and most importantly... with yourself. What has happened in the past is no longer any guide as to what will happen in the future once you rise above and beyond the boundaries. What a moment that was when you woke up and finally understood that the boundaries were actually all in your own head. And it was like rebirth the first time you saw that you could choose how you felt about absolutely everything. Change. Not so scary any more is it? In fact, the more fluid you allowed your life to become the happier you became. Unbelievable to look back and remember how you used to think you were really working at making something happen - making a change in your life; when half of the time you were sabotaging your own efforts without even knowing it. Look at how happy you are now. That's you isn't it. Isn't it? Isn't it? I think it is safe to say that you are looking for Happiness. You may call it Success. Or Contentedness. You can call it whatever you want but it all comes back to this: you want to feel good. The absolute currency of being human is your feelings, thus: You do not base your life on what happens in it, but how you feel about what happens in it. (Ironically once you get that part right, the other great stuff will come - it's not a case of waiting for something to feel good about as most people think it to be). ​And as a human being you are incredibly capable. You have the capacity to love, to be intelligent and resourceful, to alter your destiny, and to be self aware. So given these abilities and the abundance of everything in the world, you should be able to shape that feeling into one that feels very good. Shouldn't You?

"Go as a pilgrim and seek out danger, Far from the comfort and well lit avenues of life. Pit your very soul against the unknown, And seek stimulation in the company of the brave. Experience cold and hunger, heat and thirst, And survive to see another challenge and another dawn. Only then will you be at peace with yourself, And to be able to know and say I looked down the farthest side of the mountain and fulfilled in understanding all, And am truly content I lived a full life and one that was my own choice".  Samual Elroy Flecker

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