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New Year, New Course... 1/1/2020

Not so much a new course to steer, but a new course to get on. This month the new Shadow Wind Sailing Theory course started at Liverpool Marina, and we are very happy to announce that it was fully booked (in fact we are already taking bookings for the new course starting May 7th this year).

We were not sure who would come to begin with,but we already have a great mix of people.

Some folk have never been on a sailing yacht before, and a few already have their RYA Yacht Master certification and were just looking for a refresher. Some wanted to take their exams soon and needed the practice, and others just wanted to learn to sail for their own pleasure. Whatever was driving people, everybody instantly came together. Three weeks in I can definitely say that we have a tightly knitted crew!

Next we will be down on the boat to see in real life what we have studied in the classroom, and understand how it all comes together. From there, all of the students have already shown an interest in the upcoming sailing programs for 2020, and with the first trips being planned now there is going to be plenty going on. Now I think about it, maybe a new course to get on is indeed a new course to steer...

"Go small, go simple, go now” Larry Pardey


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