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Having the privilege of getting to know some of the people we help, it always strikes a chord when I see someone take a mental dip into the blackness that becomes the void. Someone close to me lost their uncle due to male suicide, I would like to say it came from no where but there are always signs, it is just knowing what they are and then how to get the right help. But even then and with all those things in place it is still down to the individual to find their strength in order to carry on.

Sometimes things can feel dark and unclear

James knows all too well the impact mental health has on both sexes and it never surprises me to hear him have a call off one of our community members in the middle of the night. Where they have reached out to him from the depths of their core for that gentle advise and calm reassuring manner that the moment will pass, just hang on in there, there is hope and there is a better way. For that person to of reached out it would have taken extraordinary strength and that someone, anyone, cares enough to listen, to help where possible means another step taken in a better direction and even though tomorrow will be hard, it will still be a tomorrow they may not have even seen.

We are all responsible to how we operate within society, to how we treat one another, to how our actions can and do have an impact on another person’s life. It can be hard sometimes to find the right help when needed, and we all like to think the services are there, but this year with Covid it has proven that whilst these services are there, they are not so easily accessible to those truly at the depths of their despair.

Here at Shadow Wind, we like to offer a completely different outlook on life, one where being a part of something greater than the self can rebuild the confidence lost within an individual, giving them something new to experience away from their normal and into a world of unknown possibilities. We help them to gain their own self-respect, by acknowledging their struggles but not defining them as a person through this. By reminding them that they do have a purpose and that there are plenty of wonderful things in life to experience, this alone can be a big drive to their progress of getting back on track.

This blog is not even scratching at the surface of Male Suicide and what causes such angst within a person to contemplate such a thing, but we at Shadow Wind are about moving forward, having reasons to find a smile, to want to be a part of a community and to help others along the way.

If you are worried about anybody who may be suicidal, please contact somebody, such as the CHAMPS support service at:

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