A great place to start, and to develop your skills from essential basics, through to Yacht Master:

RYA Essential Navigation and seamanship (2 days or 8 evenings)



RYA Day Skipper Theory (6 days or 15 evenings)                   £380


RYA Yacht Master Theory (6 days or 15 evenings)


Sailing Adventure

From coastal day sails, to long overnight passages and weeks away from land, this is where it happens:

Sailing Experience Days - 6 hours (Max 5 people)                  £90 - per Person

OR £360 - Boat

Half Day Experiences – 3 hours - (Max 5 people)              £50 per Person

OR £200 - Boat                                

Sailing Voyages (Max 5 people)                                          

£270 / 3 nights

£540 / 6 nights


1 to 1 Sailing Tuition (Can be a couple) when availability permits



Practical Yacht Management (5 days)


Building the Community

Sailing for everybody, regardless of your position in life. Everything we do is shared:

Please contact us if you would like to join our community of sailing and the sea out of Liverpool.

We run a selection of theory and practical courses which are subsidised to assist those who may not otherwise be able to experience sailing.

We also offer coaching and therapy to those that could use some help along the way to fulfilling their ambitions.

The Sea Clan 

Taking it to the next level.

If you really want to live and breath life at sea, we offer monthly subscription membership to Sea Clan. This offers:

  • Exclusive training sessions in extra subjects, such as maintenance and astro- navigation.

  • Input into our upcoming voyages and destinations.

  • Social events on land and sea.

  • Discounts on courses and sailing experiences.