"Hi Lisa,  I would like to thank you and James for inviting me to the sailing trip to Conwy.

We learnt a  lot  about sailing in the UK, from passage planning to recognizing the lights and buoys at sea, using winch and tightening lines, which reinforced what we had learnt in the theory course. 

We experienced different aspects of sailings in one trip, choppy waters and calm waters, strong wind and light wind, the amazing sunrise in Liverpool Bay and the beautiful scenery in Conwy, not to mention the yummy meals and the hot English tea you prepared.

I also enjoyed the wonderful companions of other crew members, Holly, Katy, Alex and another James. I am looking forward to more fantastic experience like this in the future. So it's not just a trip. It's the beginning of a journey. Thank you."

Mr R, Hong Kong

"Your teaching style is amazing James"

Miss E, Liverpool


"I went sailing from Liverpool to Conwy with Lisa and James, aboard Shadow Wind for 4 days.

It was my first sailing trip and I can safely say it'll be the first of many. Such a magic experience, feeling the power of the tide and wind driving you forwards through the sea. And sunrise and sunset are even more beautiful out at sea.

James and Lisa are so kind and so professional. They really know their stuff and take such good care of the crew, making you feel really safe. And we learnt loads as everyone's encouraged to help out.

Thanks a million and see you aboard again soon."

Miss C, Sheffield


"I never thought I would ever go on a sailing course, let alone on a yacht like this one! The new friends and motivation I have found with the people at Shadow Wind have truly changed my life in ways I could never imagine. I now have hope, and all that I need to make that hope real. Thanks again.
Mr J, Liverpool

I am a Neuroendocrine cancer patient. I was looking for a complimentary treatment to my cancer, and came up with the idea of using sailing as a way of dealing with my unpredictable terminal cancer diagnosis. So I searched all the cancer charities, but unfortunately none had any knowledge of charities which could help cancer patients with sailing for adults. I feel very lucky to have come across James Lovett's website where he took people out on sailing trips.
On talking to James he invited me on my first ever sail at sea (March 2019). We sailed from Plymouth to Liverpool, which was everything, and more of just what I had been dreaming, and wishing for. I cannot thank James enough for his time, patience, calmness, stress free professionalism, and complete empathy to my situation, which made this experience for me so very important as it served both my spirit and body as I had hoped it would. I recommend James highly to you as, James does not just focus on the sailing but more importantly on his crews well being, and safety.
I have just sailed again with James from Liverpool to Conwy, and back (October 2019). I thank him for introducing me to the ways of the sea and its great potential for healing the spirit while in awe of the beauty that is mother nature. I know that sailing is impossible to measure against ones illness, but let me assure you that sailing with James has been immeasurable to my spirit, as it lets me take back some control and joy in my life which medicine/surgery sadly cannot. This has strengthened me in ways that I cannot express. What great fun, and laughter I had at sea are my fond memories of sailing with James and his crew.
Mr M, London

“You really gave me clarity and that is why I would just like to thank you for your help, it really means a lot to me. The things you are doing to help me I don't believe nobody has ever helped me with in this way before. The way you help me is that you really ask what I want and you are not asking me to do stuff that wouldn't really help me, or that I don't want to do, which no one has ever done before and it just makes me really happy deep down that you have guided me more and more in the right direction. For every session and for every exercise that you have suggested that I should do have just made me happier and more clear of what my goals are, and deep down I appreciate that a lot! Thank you.”
Mr A, Sweden

"An Incredible Journey. James listened, offered support and brought calmness to what was becoming a very chaotic situation. He offered me an enlightened perspective and has taught me over time to step back and reflect before acting on ones initial emotions. This has been a life skill learned and thanks to James's life coaching, a tool that can be used in all walks of life. 
Mr R, Cheshire


​​​​"Hi James, I now feel perfectly fine, confident and happy!! I feel I'm me again and I will be attending all of your trips!! I have more goals I want to achieve and I will be referring you to other people who are in need of help/direction in life from a life coach!! I will see you soon, many thanks again."
Mr G, Wirral


​​"Hi James, I just wanted to say thanks for an amazing experience when I came to you."
Mr J, Northwich